PM Cares got donations from Chinese companies: Congress | India News

NEW DELHI: Slamming home minister Amit Shah for his comments, Cong- ress on Sunday asked if being “anti-national” meant asking questions about national security or falsely denying intrusions by China like PM Modi, as it accused the ruling BJP of politicising a serious issue by targeting political rivals over imagined allegations.
AICC spokesman Abhishek Singhvi said BJP was asking Congress about Rs 20 lakh received by the RGF in 2005, while the Rs 10,000 crore the PM Cares Fund has raised so far includes massive donations from Chinese corporates that have links with the Chinese army and the deep state. He said this has happened right during the Chinese intrusions since the fund was created only recently.
Questioning the claim made by Shah, Singhvi said Rahul Gandhi’s “Surender Modi” comment was meant to urge Modi to accept Chinese aggression. Congress said the PM had not even uttered China’s name in his speeches. “If the PM had given us leadership by just saying that China is an aggressor which has come to our side of the LAC, the whole country would stand by him and work under his leadership to throw out China. But what the PM did was speak the opposite, that there were no intrusions, and that was applauded by China. And you accuse Congress. This is a joke,” Singhvi said.
AICC accused the ruling party of raising unrelated issues like funding of RGF to divert attention. Singhvi said the PM Cares Fund donors are Chinese companies like Xiaomi which is connected to PLA, besides Paytm, TikTok and Oppo. At the same time, he said no party in India has such a deep relationship with the Communist party of China as BJP.

[Source :Times of India]


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