What India’s next tech boom looks like

OZY/ by Prashant Agrawal

Over the last fifteen years, India has become the IT outsource destination of the world. Companies based on the subcontinent — Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant and TCS — have all become well-known names inside corporate America. Global IT giants like Accenture, IBM
and Microsoft all have a dedicated and substantial presence in India. They’ve created hundreds of thousands of jobs for Indians and Americans alike. One would think, with millions of people working on technology, India would be a hotbed of innovation. But
it isn’t.

Not yet, anyway.

India’s Tech 1.0, was all about outsourcing — taking on everyday, mundane, information technology work, such as the implementation of big enterprise software platforms or the maintenance of IT infrastructure. With increased bandwidth, Indian IT companies could
place a few people across the world and transfer these activities to India.

India Tech 2.0 is about creating new products and services entirely. It’s about building the enterprise software platforms, not implementing them. It’s about not just mimicking U.S. Internet companies, but also innovating and improving on them. India Tech 2.0
is about creating the next SAP or Microsoft, not just implementing the solutions across Fortune 500 companies………[Read more]

(The views expressed above are the personal views of the writer)

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