White House losing Twitter war to India’s Narendra Modi

The Washington Post/ by Swati Sharma

Although he has only been India’s prime minister for about amonth, Narendra Modi has already beaten the White House — on Twitter.

@NarendraModi’s Twitter account has reached 5 million followers, beating out the @WhiteHouse account of 4.98 million followers, making him the fourth-most-followed leader in the world.

Even though having a huge amount of Twitter followersin a country that has a median age of 26 with 200 million active Web users seems natural, this is still a significant milestone. In 2009, there was only one Indian politician on Twitter — Shashi Tharoor,
who then had only 6,000 followersaccording to NDTV. Now, he has more than twomillion followers and is the second-most followed politician, behind Modi………..[Read

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