Indian Contemporary Literature considered in Iranian Artists Forum

Iran Book News Agency

The Iranian Artists Forum hosted the meeting “Indian Contemporary Literature” attended by the scholar Safdar Taqizadeh, as well as Ehsan Abbaslou, Behnaz Ali-Pour and Elham Baqeri on Thursday, June 26.

Speaking to IBNA correspondent, Elham Baqeri, research secretary of India’s Cultural Centre in Iran described the event: “The subject of the lecture by master Taqizadeh, the Iranian writer, translator and critic was “Rabindranath Tagore from the View of William
Butler Yeats, the Great Poet of the West.”

Moreover Behnaz Ali-Pour (PhD) presented a brief history about the English language Indian writers and then focused on the works of Anita Desai, the Indian novelist. The other lecturer, Ehsan Abbaslou, translator, writer and the director of Iran’s House of
Translation elaborated on the features of modern Indian literature with a focus on the novel ‘White Tiger’ by Aravind Adiga the Indian-Australian writer…..[Read

[Source MEA]


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