Covid-19: Coimbatore based textile company develops anti-viral fabric | India News

COIMBATORE: A Coimbatore based textile company claims to have developed an antiviral fabric to contain the spread of coronavirus.
The textile company has introduced an anti-virus treating technology, Viro block in collaboration with a Swiss company to develop the fabric. This technology is being used on the fabrics that kill or deactivates the virus within 3 minutes of contact with it.
Sundar Raman, MD of the company told ANI, “The material has been tested internationally on the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The chemical is unique as it takes 3 minutes to deactivate the virus”.

Using the technology, the product is being used to manufacture a range of N95 masks at an affordable price. N95 masks are claimed to have 10 wash cycles.
“When the COVID-19 crisis came about, we were among the earliest entrants for the manufacturing of PPE coveralls in the country, as we had pushed ourselves to develop the capability to both manufacture the material and the product using seam-sealing technology,” Raman added.

[Source :Times of India]


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