India no longer weak, won’t compromise on national pride: Rajnath Singh | India News

NEW DELHI: Amid the border stand-off with China, defence minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said the government would never compromise on “national pride” and asserted that India was no longer a “weak” country as its security capability had increased manifold.
“I can say with full conviction that we shall not compromise on the issue of national pride… let me assure that India is a strong country on the front of national security. India is no longer a weak country. However, the strength India has gained is not to intimidate others but for its own protection,” Singh said while addressing a virtual rally for BJP workers from J&K as part of the party’s ‘Jan Samvad’ campaign. Singh said there was a stand-off between India and China in the Ladakh region and certain people, including opposition parties, were asking about the border situation.
“We keep sharing information on such issues as we understand the importance of the opposition in a democracy and we respect them,” Singh said. “Talks at military level are going on between India and China and even China agrees that the dispute should be resolved through discussion. Our effort is that the current tussle between the two countries is resolved,” he added. Singh reiterated that the government had nothing to hide and issues related to the border stand-off would be made public at the right time. “I want to assure my friends from the opposition that we don’t intend to keep you or Parliament in the dark. All issues will be revealed at the right time,” he said.
Countering allegations that the country’s secularism was compromised after nullification of Article 370, Singh said contrary to what the opposition said, secularism was implemented in J&K for the first time.
“When secularism was inserted in the preamble of India’s Constitution in 1976, it was not inserted in the constitution of J&K. Despite having a majority, Congress was supporting the Sheikh Abdullah government,” Singh said.

[Source :Times of India]


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