Different Types of Call Centers in India

BPO in India have propelled the growth of Indian economy by contributing to the service sector. Indian call centres have been providing services since early 1990s and many changes have occurred since then. The scope of services provided by call centers in India has increased considerably. Nowadays, major business operations are been handled by expert BPO executive employed in Indian centres.

The process of outsourcing to BPO in India started with lot of apprehension; however it has not only become successful but has also introduced many services. Now the services of call centres in India are not confined to computer support only. The services have become very organized & many significant business activities like debt collection or sales promotion are being carried out by the representatives of Indian call centres.

Various kinds of Call Centers in India

We can categorize the call centers in India broadly into three categories like inbound, outbound & web enabled. The inbound call centers answering the phone calls and as the name suggests the call centre representatives do not make any call to the customers rather the existing customers of the clients make calls regarding enquiries.

The outbound centres involve making phone calls to the targeted customers of the clients. Sales, market research, credit management & verification services are few among the BPO services provided by outbound centers. These business functions are very important business operations of the clients.

Web Enabled services provided by Indian call centres is very recent development in these services. Computer support service is also one of the services provided by BPO in India of late. This is very advanced service which requires the customer care representatives to be technically very sound. Online computer support services include data processing support, back office services, prospecting & campaign management, internet marketing support & email management.

Outsourcing services to call centers in India is the most preferred option as the advantages which Indian call centres offer are not provided by call centers of other countries. India has second largest English speaking population after USA; this is one of the factors which have led to the growth of Indian call centres. Moreover, Indian BPO company also have time zone advantage which enable them to provide services 24/7. The policies of Indian government are also very favorable. Owing to above factors many global companies prefer to outsource their services to India.

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