India hopes to revive economy with launch of MOM

Guardian Liberty Voice/  by Bridgette Bryant

India began its hopeful economic rise with the launch of its first orbital spaceship, the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM). After an almost year-long voyage, Indian scientists entered the orbit of Mars for the bargain price of 4.5 billion rupee ($74 million). This
reputation-establishing mission may be the first milestone toward the nation’s advancement, particularly due to its cost-effective production, which was only 11 percent of the cost to produce the U.S. Mayan probe.

“History has been created today,” said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an acknowledgement speech at the Indian Space Research Organization office in Bengaluru. “We have dared to reach out into the unknown and have achieved the near impossible.”

To put into perspective the gravity of the first-run feat, consider that over half of all previous attempts at orbit – 23 out of 41 worldwide – failed to succeed. Prime Minister Modi put the achievement into further jovial perspective stating that, “this mission
costs less than it takes to make a Hollywood movie. These are the achievements that will go down as landmarks in history.” The triumph even earned India a technological nod of respect from U.S. NASA, which congratulated them via tweet and welcomed MOM into
the elite circle of red planet researchers……..[Read More]

[Source MEA]


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