Congress dig at Modi for bid to befriend the Dragon | India News

NEW DELHI: Amid the India-China standoff in eastern Ladakh, Congress on Saturday targeted Prime MInister Narendra Modi by pointing out that he had spent the most time than any of his predecessors in befriending the dragon nation.
AICC member Ahmed Patel said PM Modi has visited China more than all the past PMs put together, if his visits as Gujarat CM are also included.
He tweeted: “While Chinese have again occupied our territory, important to remember list of official visits to China: Pt Nehru: 1; Shastriji:0; Indira ji:0; Morarji Bhai:0; Rajiv ji: 1; Narsimha Rao ji: 1; Gujral ji:0; Vajpayeeji: 1; Dr Singh:2; Modi ji: 9 (5 times as PM, 4 times as CM).”
In another tweet, Patel said: “One of the most decisive victories ever against the Chinese happened in 1967 at Sikkim border, under a Congress government. India had successfully inflicted huge casualties on the enemy, drove them back and won the confidence of Sikkimese people. It was a befitting reply to 1962.”

[Source :Times of India]


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