Ruined Rural Economy – New Instrument of Plunder Part-31

Indian Economists must think and link the crashing IMI;

and its continuous drop with the ending rule of NDA

My dear readers, the world knows that the Indian Economic Think Tank (ETT) trios have set the target of achieving Indian economic growth above 8.5%. The National Democratic Alliance government is supported by the opportunists and immature politicians who have always kept their personal interests above all. If the do not get bottled water in any party functions, they fume like rogue elephant and scold organizers like injured hissing cobra. My in-depth analysis has revealed that the new breeds of Indian politicians, in the urge of supporting Western Economies have ruined the Indian basic fabric of happy and most prosperous Farming and Agricultural Sector of India (FASI). I would debate the same after appealing to the readers to stop plagiarism of thoughts and views of the endeavoring.

Firstly; I would debate by recalling the concern of the first Indian Deputy Prime Minister, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel when he had said that the “World depends on the farmers and labourers, yet these are the ones who are oppressed the most; since they silently bear this tyranny”. How true he was in his vision, when I heard that eights Farmers have committed Suicide in the country two weeks before India’s most celebrated festival day of Dushara, the day when Truth triumphed over Evil. My first issue to debate is to analyse; as to what was the need of Trios ETT skyrocketing approach of Industrialism in the predominantly Farming country where over 75% people are still living in the villages. Once again, I am constrained to record as to what was the urgency of the speed with which Congress ETT has taken Indian Market Index (IMI) from 5685 points to over 23000 points in two years and then drop it to below even 11000 points on 10 October 2008. I suspect that it was planned treachery with the people of India by siphoning of Millions of Indian rupees in foreign countries through New Instrument of Plunder (NIOP) best know as Foreign Direct Investment.

Secondly, also I would analysis the thoughts of Sardar Patel, Iron man of India when he said that the Western reforms is the root cause of global unrest. It creates conflicts between the rulers and the ruled what the World has witnessed at Singur village of West Bengal where over 14 farmers have been killed by State Police. He further says that Western pattern of economy creates family Feuds between the owners and the workers. His clear perception of Western Economical Model of Development (WEMOD) has ultimately blood every Indian farmer in last four years of National Democratic Alliance where over 6000 farmers have committed suicide in India.

I would request that the Indian economists must think and link the crashing IMI; and its continuous drop with the ending rule of NDA. I hope it is not a planned conspiracy to plunder Indian wealth through treachery and deceit. I directly attribute the present state of uncertainty and unreliability in the Indian market to the bad economic policy of rapid industrialization of NDA at the cost of FASI and neglect of Labourers over automation. What annihilating future of farmers had the Iron Man of India Sardar Patel (IMISP) visualized is proving true.

It is the agony of India that the Farmer who feeds the Nation is dying out of hunger in the regime of Congress and NDA. How tacitly Congress had forced these farmers to commit suicide is a matter of grave concern? Moreover, large numbers of farmers are committing suicide in States ruled by the Congress herself like Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

Thirdly, I would debate the saying of noted socialist Sri Jagan Nath BA, who said that quote “Soul of India’s lives in villages and body in cities; if you move soul to join body, you will die but if you bring body to soul you will prosperous” unquote. Alas! The quote is now understood by ETT. He was of the view that development of villages does not mean bring industries to the farmer’s fields and destroy the historical means of survivals of their generations. I have interacted with a few families in Jammu and Kashmir whose eighth generation progeny was tilling the same field from 1415 AD and supporting the families of over 35 people with just two hectares of land. I have not seen any industry which had survived over a century.

Fourthly, I would debate the effect of the vision of the Sardar Patel’s and Sri Jagan Nath BA’s concern for farmers of India. Sri Jagan Nath BA had said that the “Prosperity of a Nation is reflected from the prosperity of her Farmers”.

How true he was? Today, despite India producing thousands billionaires; but she has not been able to make herself self reliance in food grain. Maharashtra had imported rotten wheat grains to be buried at colossal cost of Indian Exchequer; and there is none to question and put the culprits behind bars. Even, the Indian Agriculture Minister had cleared import of food grains at much escalated cost of rupees 14 to 16 per kilograms at the point of distribution; but he did not raise the basic price of food grains produced by Indian Farmers. It is agony of the nation that farmers are committing suicide.

At last I would ask people of India and bookish economists who only care for profit and nothing else.

oWhy NDA government has neglected FASI till now?

oWhy various State governments imported rotten wheat?

oWhy Indian government could set food grains basic price to benefit farmers? If there were fears of escalating prices of food grains than Government should give incentives to farmers to eradicate their miseries. While NDA government did not raise prices of food grains for farmers but Indian black marketers businessmen have already done that when they raised the basic price of pulses from rupees 22 to rupees 54 per kilogram in just two months. Who have been benefitted? Once again the Indian business community had plundered the farmers using NIOP tactics.

oWhy Government had not punished the guilty of siphoned off thousands of tones of food grains from Government owned store houses and hoarded to profit on the corpses of poor’s?

My husband said that he used to worship the Congress party and their leaders in his childhood. He had carried the Party’s sacred image till he had interacted with a very senior Congress leader of erstwhile Uttar Pradesh and now Uttrakhand. He said he came to know as to how dishonest, deceitful and treacherous leader he was with the people of State and India. He used to have a percentage of shares generally; called Cut in every penny spent by Government for any purpose. My husband says that in 1973-74, Indira Congress under Srimati Indira Gandhi, had also used a political NIOP, when the fertilizer’s prices specially Urea were raised 300 times from rupees 39 a bag to rupees 123 to 145 per bag over night. Infact, one week before all other retail sellers have stopped selling Urea to farmers. The local businessmen had plundered farmers with connivance of the Government. Next day, huge demonstrations were organized by the opposition; but nothing had happened and farmers were forced to buy fertilizers at such exorbitant prices.

Manmohonomics, the term is being used for the Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh’s Loan and Debt Economy Theory (LADET); wisdom had also prevailed when the government announced similar Farmer’s Loan Extending Scheme way back in 1974-75. Poor farmers were given loan to purchase Urea bags against crop produced: and when farmer’s crop had failed in 1974 due to severe drought, the bankers took away their animals to recover their Manmohonomics LADET. My husband says that he had very categorically recalled as to how his father had to pay over rupees 900 for two bags of Urea costing just rupees 267 in true cost.

This new NIOP is always in force whenever the Congress comes into power. Every time the Congress had formed Government at the Centre, the party had introduced new reforms which have destroyed Indian Farming sectors time and again except during the green revolution.

I have even witnessed that farmers are suffering world over to pave the way for rapid industrialization. There is a need for the UNO to intervene and explore the new avenues to grow industries without reducing agricultural land mass. The USA and some European countries have protected their farmers against such uncontrolled growth menace; but Asian nations are not analyzing the devastating effects of rapid industrialization.

I solicit my readers open comments and hope that people of India pays tribute to Sardar VB Patel and save Indian FARMERS from Scourge of Loan and Debt Suicide (SOLDS) economy wisdom propagated by ETTI. Readers views are solicited at

Source by S Kalpna Sharma


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