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NEW DELHI: Indian pomegranates will soon hit supermarkets in Australia for the first time as the Australian government has completed the much-awaited import protocol for fresh pomegranate fruit from India following an import risk assessment.
“While Australia already produces pomegranates, India is well placed as one of the world’s largest pomegranate producers to meet shortfalls in the Australian market,” said Australia’s high commissioner to India, Barry O’Farrell.
He said India was well placed to satisfy Australia’s growing demand for pomegranates, which is fuelled by their use in restaurants and in cooking shows.
Australia has already been importing two fruits – mangoes and grapes – from India. More fruits can be exported to Australia if Indian exporters meet biosecurity conditions.
“There are biosecurity conditions which must be met by Australian importers, and I encourage Indian exporters to work with their customers and Indian export authorities to ensure Australia’s importing country requirements are met,” said O’Farrell.
In India, Maharashtra is the largest producer of pomegranate with its share of 62% in total production followed by Gujarat (16%) and Karnataka (9%), Andhra Pradesh (5%) and Madhya Pradesh (4%).
India has already been exporting pomegranates to many countries for years. Besides, pomegranates, other fruits such as grapes, mangoes, bananas and oranges account for a larger portion of fruits exported from the country.
Export figures from the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) show that India exported fruits and vegetables worth Rs 9,182 crores which consisted of fruits worth Rs 4,832 crores and vegetables worth Rs 4,350 crores during 2019-20.
The major destinations for Indian fruits and vegetables are Bangladesh, UAE, Netherland, Nepal, Malaysia, UK, Sri Lanka, Oman and Qatar. India’s share in the global market is, however, only nearly 1%.
Among vegetables, mainly Onions, Potatoes, Tomatoes and Green Chilly contribute to the country’s export basket.

[Source :Times of India]


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