Lockdown a death sentence for India’s unorganised sector: Rahul Gandhi | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that instead of wiping out coronavirus in 21 days as Prime Minister Modi had promised, the lockdown served as a “death sentence” for India’s unorganised sector and the poor.
“The lockdown was not an attack on coronavirus. The lockdown was an attack on the poor of India. It was an attack on the future of our youth,” Gandhi said in part four of his video series on the economy and impact of the lockdown.
“The lockdown was an attack on labourers, farmers and small shopkeepers. It was an attack on our unorganised sector. We have to understand this. We all have to stand against this attack. Whatever was done in the name of Corona was the third attack on the unorganised sector,” Rahul added. In earlier videos, the Congress MP had blamed demonetisation and a poorly-implemented GST for breaking the back of the poor, the unorganised sector, and small traders.
Rahul said the sudden lockdown was a “death sentence” for the unorganized class. “The promise was to finish corona in 21 days, but instead finished crores of jobs and small industries,” he said, referring to the lockdown as PM Modi’s “anti-people disaster plan.”
Rahul also said that when it was time to open up, the BJP government did not heed Congress’ advice to help the poor through a scheme like NYAY, by directly depositing money in bank accounts. “We suggested that for small and medium businesses, you should prepare a package. They need to be saved. Without this money, they will not be able to survive, but the government did nothing.” he said.

[Source :Times of India]


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