Bennett University webinar on NEP: Emphasis on skill training, critical thinking and creativity for successful implementation

Integration of skill training, especially soft skills with regular learning, courses that focus on critical thinking and problem solving, and encouraging creativity and innovation were aspects that needed to emphasised for a successful implementation of the New Education Policy, 2020, speakers at a webinar organised by the Bennett University discussing the impact of the NEP on Teaching and Learning, said.

Monika S Garg, additional chief secretary at the higher education department in Uttar Pradesh said skill training, especially soft skills, should be integrated with education degrees and an effort should be made in this direction right from the level of secondary education. She said emphasis should be laid on soft skilling not only in courses like engineering but also in liberal arts and commerce.

“In the light of the National Education Policy, we will have to see how progression from secondary to higher education in terms of skilling will impact the gross enrollment ratio, Garg said adding that a steering committee formed at the higher education level has identified 17 major areas of reforms.

Garg added that the department’s working groups are preparing base papers for implementing a multi disciplinary approach, flexibility and credit transfer. “We will also have to make more use of technology and adopt a blended approach,” she said.

Vice chancellor of the university RK Shevgaonkar who was moderating the session, added that in order to make the education system most productive, details of modern learning resource centres- an aspect that the NEP has not detailed in length- will have to be worked out.

Roshan Lal Raina, vice chancellor of JK Lakshmipat University in Jaipur said the responsibility of implementing the new policy that marks a shift from rote learning to experiential, is on academics at all levels.

“Future-ready professionals should undergo courses in social, emotional and ethical learning, which will help in critical thinking, solving problems and communicating effectively,” Raina said.

Former vice chancellor of Mahamaya Technical University, Shiban Kak said aspects that were vital to successfully implementing the NEP were the content itself, nature of assessment with a methodology and technology clearly defined, encouraging creativity and innovation, and producing individuals who want to work for the society.

[Source – Economic Times]


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