state bank of india: State Bank of India to add 14,000 people to its workforce in 2020

Mumbai: India’s largest lender State Bank of India has plans to hire a tleast 14,000 people this year. It has an existing workforce of 2.5 lakh employees. In a media statement the lender also clarified that its recent offering with regard to on tap voluntary retirement scheme should not be seen as an austerity measure.

“There have been media reports about the “On Tap VRS” scheme proposed to be introduced by SBI. The reports have been interpreted as a cost cutting measure and Bank’s intent to reduce workforce,” it said. “Bank has been employee friendly and is expanding its operations and requires people, which is evidenced by the fact that Bank has plans of recruiting more than 14,000 employees this year.”

It also added that the on tap VRS scheme was aimed at providing a congenial solution to employees who expressed desire for making strategic shift in their vocations, either due to professional growth limitations, mobility issues, physical health conditions or family situations.

“While our commitment towards our valued employees remains unshakable, we are deeply desirous of skilling the unemployed youth of the country, as is evidenced by the fact that we are the only Bank in the country which has onboarded Apprentices under the National Apprenticeship Scheme of Govt of India,” it further added.

[Source – Economic Times]


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