Sanskrit, Far from Being a Dead Language, Has Attractions Outside India Too

Latin American Herald Tribune

Far from being a dead language, the ancient Indian tongue of Sanskrit has more and more students outside the subcontinent and there is growing interest to learn it in America and Europe.

Sanskrit has given the world such words as yoga, avatar, guru, mantra and nirvana, and in Spanish, for example, Sanskrit-derived words include colors like blue (azul) and lilac (lila) and fruits such as lemon (limon) and orange (naranja).

“But Sanskrit is not just a language, but also the study of Indian history and culture,” Professor Ramesh Bhardwaj of the University of Delhi told Efe.

Bhardwaj boasted that the university has the largest department of Sanskrit in the world, with more than 500 graduate students …[Read

[Source MEA]


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