Pakistan should practice tolerance towards its neighbours for peace in South Asia: India at UNHRC | India News

NEW DELHI: India on Monday slammed Pakistan at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) while calling the country the “epicentre of terrorism” and said that it should practice tolerance towards its minorities & neighbours so that the South-Asian region sees eternal peace.
In its response at the 43rd session of the UNHRC in Geneva, Vimarsh Aryan, first secretary at ministry of external affairs asked the Pakistani delegation to properly understand Part I, para 17 of Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action on terrorism, before pretending to be a promoter of human rights, while most grisly of the human rights violators, terrorists breed under its nose.
“I would once again invoke the Vienna Declaration & Programme of Action (VDPA) to ask Pakistan to abjure its territorial ambition which is grossly violative of all human rights,” he said.
He added, “It’s unfortunate, however, not unexpected from the deep state of Pakistan which is continuing incessant abuse of its membership of this august Council for propagating an illegal, immoral & inhuman territorial ambition.
“It very conveniently ignores that VDPA explicitly states that the principle of self-determination must not be used as a garb to promote activities detrimental to the territorial integrity & political unity of member states in violation of the UN Charter,” Aryan said.
This epicentre of global terrorism (Pakistan) very irresponsibly harps on self-determination of the already democratic Jammu and Kashmir, he said at the UNHRC.
“We are witnessing in Pakistan unabated torture, maiming & systematic persecution of religious minorities. Attacks on a Hindu funeral procession & a Christian church days ago in Sindh & Punjab provinces portray the horrific plight of various minorities in Pakistan,” the MEA representative said.
Earlier on Monday, India had ripped into Pakistan for raising the Kashmir issue at the UNHRC and expressed “serious concern” over Pakistan’s audacity to accuse others of “effecting a state-sponsored genocide.”
Exercising its Right of Reply after Pakistan raised Kashmir at the 43rd session of UNHRC, Senthil Kumar, the first secretary of India’s permanent mission called out Islamabad for misusing the rights forum and its mechanism and asked the neighbouring country to introspect on its grave human rights situations before extending unsolicited advice to anybody.

[Source :Times of India]


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