Indian troops ‘crossed border twice’ resulting in serious physical clashes: China | India News

BEIJING: Chinese foreign minister on Tuesday claimed that Indian troops had “crossed the border twice” which lead to the physical clashes between the two countries at the Galawn Valley, Ladakh.
“Indian troops on Monday seriously violated consensus of the two sides by illegally crossing the border twice and carrying out provocative attacks on Chinese soldiers, resulting in serious physical clashes,” China’s Global Times quoted Foreign Minister Wang Yi as saying.
“China has lodged solemn representations with the Indian side and urged it to strictly restrain its frontline troops from crossing the border or taking any unilateral action that may complicate the border situation,” Chinese foreign minister added.
China’s Foreign Minister also said that China and the Indian side agreed to resolve the bilateral issues through dialogue to ease the border situation and maintain peace and tranquillity in the border area.
Indian Army has issued its statement regarding the face-off took place between Indian and Chinese troops leading to the death of three Army personnel, saying that “casualties suffered on both sides” in “violent face-off” during de-escalation process with China in Galwan Valley, Ladakh.
According to the Indian Army, the face-off took place on Monday night.
“The loss of lives on the Indian side includes an officer and two soldiers,” the Army said in a statement and added that senior military officials of the two sides are currently engaged in a meeting to defuse the situation.
After 1975 this is the first violent incident on the India-China border in which casualties have taken place.
Earlier looking to resolve the dispute over Chinese military buildup, India and China were holding talks in Eastern Ladakh.
Indian Army sources had said there has been disengagement between Indian and Chinese troops at more locations where they had been in standoff positions for last many weeks now.Sources had also said that after the June 6 talks between Military commanders followed by other rounds of talks, there has not been any considerable build-up activity by both sides and Chinese aggressive behaviour has also been toned down, they said.No incident of any face-off between the troops of the two sides has been reported after the talks started between the two armies, sources said.

[Source :Times of India]


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