Docs find 73 patients in Ahd using CT scan as quick Covid test | India News

AHMEDABAD: When a city-based general physician developed Covid-19 symptoms in late May, he underwent an RT-PCR test. To his relief, the result was negative.
But, when fellow doctors suggested he take a high-resolution computed tomography (HCRT) thorax screening, his lungs showed patches of “opaque ground glass”, typically associated with Covid-19. A repeat blood test showed he was Covid-19 positive.
The physician was among 125-plus city-based medical practitioners that underwent free CT scans offered by Dr Amit Gupta, a city-based radiologist, for the past ten days at his imaging centre. This was during the time when a test for Covid-19 needed government approval. Out of the total doctors screened, 73 tested positive for Covid-19, Dr Gupta said.
“I started the screening as a high number of medical practitioners were getting infected by Covid-19. It was a small gesture of gratitude towards the frontline Covid-19 warriors,” Dr Gupta said.
It is not just Dr Gupta who swears by the accuracy of CT scans – several critical care specialists and radiologists have started Covid-19 screening based on “CT severity score”, which is an internationally accepted practice during the pandemic.
“Accuracy of CT scans is higher than RT-PCR. Also, RT-PCR is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ kind of test, whereas, CT scans give the exact picture of severity,” a radiologist said.

[Source :Times of India]


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