Covid-19: We must focus on controlling number of fatalities, says Anand Mahindra | India News

NEW DELHI: Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra on Saturday called for focus on controlling number of fatalities due to coronavirus and ensuring availability of hospital beds, saying that in a country of India’s size the number of infection is inevitably going to rise.
In a series of tweets, Mahindra said even though the level of transmission is probably significantly higher and largely untraceable and unreported, it shouldn’t alarm the world.
“The absolute number of infected in a country of our size is inevitably going to rise,” he said.
Mahindra further said, “In fact the level of transmission is probably significantly higher & largely untraceable & unreported. This shouldn’t alarm the world”.

Suggesting steps for the way forward, he said, “What we must focus on & control is the number of fatalities & the availability of beds/ICU beds”.
These numbers are real and trackable, he added.
“So far, the percentage of fatalities has been mercifully low & with boosted medical infrastructure we must aim to keep the numbers low,” Mahindra added.
Stating that a vaccine is many months away, if not longer, he said, “An effective prophylactic could be closer, but unpredictably so. In the meantime, as we return to work, it’s good to know that if we are disciplined about using masks, we could keep ourselves & others safe”.

[Source :Times of India]


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